ILEC - Engaging Presentations for Students


One of ILEC’s specialties is in offering various presentations for middle school, high school, and 2-year college students. Our Interactive Presentations and Character Education Assemblies are designed to address core aspects of student achievement and issues our students face today. Truly, it is pedagogy that is being rendered, not just lecture.

We understand that a great deal of learning occurs during “hands-on” experiences (engagement); we encourage all students to become critical thinkers and superb stewards of this great society that we live in. Most exercises are designed to teach a lesson on a respective topic by allowing students to role play real life occurrences (relevance in action). Our presentations are designed to be fun, engaging, and of course, INTERACTIVE.

ILEC’s Interactive Presentation topics include:

  • Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU’s)
  • Coping with an incarcerated parent
  • Steps to starting a business
  • The importance of developing high self esteem
  • Financial literacy
  • Handling peer pressure and relationships
  • The relevance of a college education in today’s society
  • Healthy living (personal hygiene)
  • The student-athlete recruiting process
  • Acquiring sound study skills and habits
  • Resume building and career preparation for teens
  • Traits of a student-leader
  • Detriments of bullying (and cyber bullying)
  • Effects of substance abuse 

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