ILEC - Professional Development                          

ILEC’s Professional Development sessions - designed exclusively to become a school leader’s voice - range from a host of contemporary topics, all of which are relevant to issues and conditions in your institution today. Our work is researched based, combined with personal experiences. Some topics include:

Classroom Management                     
Instructional Strategies That Work                               Response to Intervention
Differentiated Instruction                  School Attack Prevention and Bullying                         Increasing Student Motivation
Creating a New School Culture         Promoting Good Attendance                                      
Engaging Parents in Learning
Alternative Assessments                    Customer Service in Schools                                       The Data Driven Classroom     
Professional Learning Communities    Teacher Observation and Evaluation                           Project-based Learning        
Environmental Constraints to Learning                   Common Core Infusion
Teaching the Urban Student                                  Establishing Teamwork and Synergy                            
Embracing Technology and Putting it to Use           Maximizing the Use of Paraprofessionals        
Train the Trainer: Reading, Comprehension and Fluency for Teachers 

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ILEC - "Where Experience and Excellence Meet"

ILEC also provides a series of Career Preparation Workshops for a workforce in transition. These seminars provide valuable information on the integral dynamics of seeking employment, and how to prepare for job interviewing. (We have found these workshops to be a GREAT tool for schools to position in front of their parents.) Some topics of these workshops include:

  • Drafting the Perfect Resume
  • The 2nd Interview: Closing the Deal
  • Preparing For the HARD Questions in an Interview
  • Job Fair Etiquette
  • Maximizing the Use of the Internet in Your Job Search
  • Working With Recruiters
  • Negotiating Money and Terms
  • The Power of Networking 

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