ILEC – All About Us


Vision. Strategy. Execution. That, in essence, describes the origin and present existence of Interactive Learning and Education Consulting. It began in 1999 with one engaging workshop offered at Ferris State University through the Office of Minority Student Affairs by ILEC Co-Founder Andrei Nichols (M.S., Education – Ferris State University), who later collaborated with Carl King (B.S., Sociology – Southern University) in 2005. Together they created an assortment of interactive presentations for ALL learners based on the need of advocating for student development and academic achievement. They also envisioned a company that would provide additional educational resources for clients through a network of qualified educators. That vision came to fruition, and now ILEC has positioned itself to serve (meet) the educational needs of schools, agencies, and programs throughout the United States.


ILEC - "Where Expereince and Excellence Meet"


The formula to our success is very simple: We command the best. Prior to joining the ILEC team, our consultants are fully vetted to ensure that the quality of service that you are delivered meets a high standard. Yes we want your business, but most importantly we want your ultimate satisfaction.

ILEC services are provided by highly qualified Consultants - some of the best in their respected field - who have prolific background in the educational and/or social programming setting.  They typically are school superintendents, principals, instructors, community leaders and/or motivational speakers within their respective region. We take much pride in being remarkable presenters and leaving great impressions upon those we encounter. You can expect that the works of anyone throughout our organization is worthy of applause and exemplary in nature.  



Our services are designed to become your voice and reason - we first listen to your needs as a Project Manager would, then customize our work based on that need. The information that we disseminate to your audience is prepared to address the very issues which were brought to our attention, and provided by an ILEC Consultant who is well-versed on the topic.

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