ILEC Services Just For Parents


Interactive Learning and Education Consulting recognizes the need for parents to be educated and informed about the educational process and all that it entails. That is why we have taken it upon ourselves to provide consultation services for parents that will help them better understand what the roles, responsibilities, services and obligations that schools possess to ensure that YOUR child receives a quality education and school experience. (Some of our services may even help you avoid retaining a lawyer and assist you on knowing how to address the matter all on your own.) We provide families with insight on:

School law pertaining to Special Education                        
School discipline procedures and due process
Understanding your child’s standardized test scores  
School role and responsibilities pertaining to bullying           
Selecting the right school for your children           
Traditional public schools vs. charter (How to decide what’s best for YOU and what to look for.)    
Analyzing charter school management companies 
Understanding the student-athlete recruiting process
What to look for in an effective teacher

    It’s great to have an expert to speak with on the said topics above. In event you have such a need, you will be presented the opportunity to speak with a seasoned educator and be accurately guided on the steps to help you and your children enjoy a level school experience.