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ILEC’s Consultation Services are geared for organizational development and institutional augmentation. Simply put, we provide you with the information required to assist in your school goals, ranging from School Improvement, Instructional Coaching and Data Analysis. Objectives of each include:

School Improvement - ILEC’s consulting solutions through school improvement help schools, school districts, and state departments of education to promote student success, improve programs and processes, and optimize financial resources. We will assist in the development of your Plan, and with formulating its budget.

ILEC identifies six fundamental steps in the School Improvement Planning Process. They include: 1) Analyze the Data;
2) Clarify the Problem; 3) Create the Action Plan; 4) Implement the Action Plan; 5) Monitor Progression; 6) Act on Needed Changes. 

Following the presentation of your School Improvement Plans, ILEC will meet with the administrative team to assist in presenting a budget proposal that you feel will allow your school/district to achieve the goals outlined in the SIP. The proposals generally include new spending in areas specified in the SIP, all to increase student achievement.

Instructional Coaching - Selected staff members will meet with an ILEC Consultant for a specific time period and during pre-scheduled times for professional development. Participants in this on-going training will learn how to research and use information to establish school and classroom foundations that promote highly effective instruction. Training goals include:

  • To increase teachers general understanding of their students social conditions, and how their living environment impacts their learning

  • To help teachers develop instructional strategies which motivate students to be successful in the educational process

  • To help teachers become effective in communicating expectations to diverse student populations and their families

  • To increase teachers awareness of the urgency to positively impact their students

Data AnalysisWe cover the basics of data as well as advanced analysis techniques for Central Office, school administrators and/or teachers who desire to increase their level of knowledge in order to use data to make good decisions with respect to curriculum, instruction, and assessment. In fact, this is a TERRIFIC workshop for school improvement teams starting their journey of looking at data to improve student achievement and drive instruction. We present everything in a participant-friendly way . . . you'll leave with ideas that will spur energy into your school improvement efforts. 

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