ILEC - Our Value Added Services 
"Empowerment through Edutainment"


ILEC is also proud to bring to your attention another dimension of our educational resources by way of dynamic displays of artistic prowess, insight, and culture through our Value Added Services. These exhibits and demonstrations are prime for school assemblies, seminars, conferences, Black History Month celebrations, or any occasion in which you want to be educated and entertained ….... all at the same time!

 The Black History 101 Mobile Museum provides students with the opportunity to see rare  artifacts and read stories of the achievements, contributions, and struggles of African-Americans. Engaging exhibits will reinforce classroom lessons and expand student’s prior knowledge base. Khalid el-Hakim began collecting Black memorabilia as a college student in the early 1990’s. Since then Khalid’s collection has grown to over 1500 artifacts dating from the African enslavement era to Hip Hop culture.

Pin Points Theatre is a theater company that travels internationally conducting plays all throughout the world. Productions include: 1,001 INVENTIONS, featuring the vast intellectual accomplishments of African Americans and then traveling into "The Twilight Zone," a world where all inventions by Africans and African Americans disappear; KIAMSHA, performed by youth, ages   12-18, a musical/drama/workshop teaching abstinence from sex, drugs and violence; THE MEETING, a fictitious confrontation between Malcolm X and Martin Luther King and winner of eight NAACP Theater Awards; and HOOKED ON LOVE, a romantic comedy that addresses the science of productive male-female relationships.

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